Journey down memory lane as Elly shares 70 years of life with her family and friends. Travel with her through every significant stage of her life from early childhood memories, growing up in an ethnic neighborhood, her first kiss, her marriage, the birth of her son, the trials and tribulations of motherhood while balancing a challenging career at Kodak, learning how to face and embrace retirement, the delight of a granddaughter, the passing of friends and family members, and the beginning of new “life” at age 70.

You become part of her life as you share in her intimate moments of happiness and sadness, joy and pain. Not only is this a recollection of the life of a baby boomer in Rochester, New York, but it is both a touching and amusing series of life stories that we all can relate to, no matter where we grew up, or no matter where our life has taken us.

Elly’s journey will lead you to recall your own life’s metamorphosis. You may even laugh or cry at some of the experiences in the most typical, daily slices of life that we have all encountered. What started out as a written record of her most notable life moments to leave for her granddaughter has turned into a remarkable and insightful biographical story that may make you want to write one yourself.

Life is a constant and never-ending passage of events in time, treasured for generations. Telling one’s personal stories makes one live forever. SEARCHING FOR SERENITY IN MY CRAZY LIFE. Fun, fascinating, and memory provoking. Growing up doesn’t mean growing old. Growing up is a life story.


Goodness! It was an adventure on paper as I read Searching For Serenity! Your book was filled with so many ups and downs and questions and answers and experiences and people and places, all of which evolved into the storied life you have led! I really had a good time reading page to page, wondering what was next. The predicaments that you found yourself in sometimes made me laugh out loud! (It was funny when you were in the kitchen with an I Love Lucy cake in the oven!) Donna Carson

I loved it……you should be so proud. Sharon Boccaccio

Just finished Serenity. Wow! It was so well done. You have a great gift for not only writing but for telling an interesting story. I knew what was happening in the chapters but it kept my interest. It was fun to go back to experience some of those things again and I had forgotten some of them. Marcia Fedyk

Serenity took me back to a different time in life. Those were times other people wouldn't understand. I loved every bit of it. Roger Bowles