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° When two young women from the same town are found dead in the Erie Canal
° When a strange man in a remote farmhouse holds a secret from police
° When a magician conjures up the dead
° When your best friend is stalked by her obsessed ex-lover

—it’s time to start worrying.

Sue Gainer has a lot to worry about as she starts her career as a private investigator in a hometown detective agency. When a missing person’s case is dropped in her lap that ends in murder, the P.I. faces unusual and desperate suspects and unlocks the clues that lead to the surprising truth—and soon finds herself in deep water with a killer.

MURDER ON THE ERIE CANAL is the second in the series of Sue Gainer mysteries. If you enjoyed this fast-paced murder mystery, you may also find DANGEROUS PASSION intriguing and entertaining.


I read it in one day. It kept my interest throughout. I couldn't put it down. Clever use of alias for the murderer. As such, couldn't guess who the murderer was until the final pages. Gerald J. Mangine, Ewing, NJ

Book was captivating with a definite twist to the ending! Lt. F. Lisanby, LPD, Retired, Lexington, KY

Being from the area of NY State that the story is written around, I found the story very engrossing. It is well researched regarding the area, police departments and procedures, firearms, and self-defense. It's a good mystery full of surprises with a dab of humor. Jim & Maureen Hofmann, Webster, NY

Murder on the Erie Canal kept me intrigued through to the end. Reminded me a bit of Randy Wayne White, John Sandford, and Lee Child. Bob Yanaitis, Carrollton, VA

Crime/mysteries are not my genre. I bought this book because I live in the Rochester/Erie Canal area and thought I'd enjoy the location references. And I did. I was pleasantly surprised that I got sucked into the mystery. Characters were well developed and likable (except the perps). Details well researched and kept me interested to the last page. Looking forward to the next Sue Gainer mystery. Guess I am a mystery novel convert! JKBklyn

Fun to read. Held my interest. This was worth it. Bob Fisher, Louden, TN

Really enjoyed it! I hope you take Sue on more adventures! Jeanne Buell, Webster, NY

Good story, made even better because I am from the area. Marcia C., Madison, AL

Mystery, murder, pursuit, and investigation. A fast-paced read. I can see this becoming a PI series. Maryhelen F., Spencerport, NY